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Guitar of the week #107: Jackson X Series Rhoads RRX24

Jackson X Series Rhoads RRX24

What a stupid guitar this is... why am I featuring it?

I'll answer that in a moment.

Above is a Jackson X Series Rhoads RRX24. There are a few versions available. One in all black, one with gold trim and the one seen above in stupid fugly neon green trim.

Why anyone would buy this abomination is beyond me, especially considering there are far superior Jackson models out there. For example, on the low end is the Jackson JS32 Dinky and an upper mid-tier model is the Jackson Pro Dinky DK2.

I get guitar buyer's remorse just by looking at the RRX24. I don't even have to buy it to know how bad it is.

Are all Rhoads V guitars bad? No. The RRT-3 is positively elegant and arguably the best looking Rhoads V that exists. Take a look and that guitar and then come back here. You'll then understand better how much of an embarrassment the RRX24 really is.

If you like Jackson guitars, you can do a whole lot better than the RRX24 with the fugly neon green trim and inlays. Yeah, don't forget that even the frickin' fretboard inlays are neon green. The RRX24's ugliness knows no bounds. Did you see the Jackson logo on the headstock? That's also neon green. The more you look at it, the worse it gets.

The RRX24 is an example of Jackson emptying their parts bin

This is the reason I'm featuring this guitar. Sometimes a guitar company will slap together something so stupid that you wonder why it ever happened. I believe the entire reason the RRX24 with the neon green nonsense exists is because Jackson is taking their leftover B-stock crap parts they have, cobbling it all together, purposely(?) making it ugly and then crossing fingers they can actually sell these junk guitars.

The RRX24 is not Jackson taking a risk with a design to introduce something new and innovative to the guitar market. It's just a stupid guitar Jackson put together to clean our their parts bin, because seriously, nobody wants a guitar that looks like a Grave Digger monster truck.

I bring this guitar to your attention to tell you that Jackson has way better models than this one, and that you should choose one of them instead.

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