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Jackson gets it right with the Warrior WRX24 guitar

Jackson X Series Warrior WRX24 Natural

This is the first Jackson Warrior I've ever seen that I actually like.

...even though it's not my kind of guitar.

I'll explain.

Angular guitar shapes are not my thing, nor is gold hardware, nor is a Floyd-Rose style locking nut tremolo system. But that doesn't take away from how cool this looks.

When you do a search for the Jackson Warrior guitar, ordinarily you only see them in black or white. And truth be told, it looks terrible in either of those two finishes. Very toy-like and dopey looking.

But to see it in WRX24 model form in natural with gold hardware as seen above, that is more like it. Now it actually looks good.

Yes, it does cost a fair bit more than a regular Warrior, but in all honesty, this one is actually worth it. The wood tones chosen look great, the body, neck and headstock binding look great, and the gold totally works here - even on the tuners.

The best part about this guitar is that it is priced well south of $1,000. Totally looks like a custom shop guitar without the custom shop price.

Is the guitar any better than a Warrior JS model? Yes. Better woods are used (obviously,) the neck is a 3-piece maple/mahogany/maple with graphite reinforcement (works very nicely to battle humidity changes,) 12-16" compound radius fingerboard, Floyd-Rose Special double-locking tremolo, it's got all the toys.

The one knock is that it does used Duncan Designed pickups - however - the price more than makes up for it. As I said, this totally carries the custom shop look with all the goodies for a real nice price.

This may not be my style of guitar, but it's a genuinely good axe. This is what the Warrior model should have been to begin with. A rock guitar with a nice elegance to it. Good stuff all around.

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