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juice and organics

After reading this you may think I've gone all hippie/greenie/veggie/whatever. No, not really because there are still times I'll happily order a double fatty burger from my fast food joint o' choice once every 6 weeks or so.

Two documentaries about food and diet that will absolutely blow you away (both on Netflix incidentally) are Food, Inc. and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. And to top it off, you should watch a third, Super Size Me. Anyway, after watching the first documentary you'll have a very different view on food and really start paying attention to what you buy in the market more. After watching the second you'll probably run right out and buy a juicer.

Something I have available to me all year are farmer's markets. Yes, plural. Several of them. Whether they use modified or organic seed I don't know (and I should probably ask), but regardless of that I have fruits and veggies that are readily available all the time and I have to start eating more of them.

In Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, you'll be introduced to what's called a "reboot" of your system. Summed up, a basic reboot is to eat nothing and replace with juice made from nothing but fruits and veggies using your own juicer for a week. In other words, a week-long fasting. Doing this once every 90 days keeps your body and mind in check.

The documentary shows extreme examples of juicing where two guys do 60-day fasts, lost amazing amounts of weight and became much healthier after it was all over. I have no intention of doing extreme fasting like that, but I could probably do a week with little issue. The first 2 days are the toughest, but once in the 3rd day the rest is pretty easy.

What I do know is that most people, including yours truly, carry around at least 6 to 8 pounds of literal crap at any given time from all the food you haven't pooped out yet. Steak for example stays in most people's systems for 6 days. Yeah, think about that for a moment. A burger you ate almost a week ago is probably still floating around inside you. Disgusting, but true.

Does this mean you'll drop 5 pounds in a week from juicing? Yes, and easily. And fortunately the juice has enough texture to it to where you feel full so you won't be starving or anything like that, or at least not literally. In your mind you'll think you're starving, but you won't be.

The extreme juicing examples in the documentary show you can drop 25 pounds in a month easily if you stick to it. Is it easy? Not in the slightest, as there are temptations everywhere. But if determined enough, yeah it really works.

A bad part about juicing that's not covered that I know is true is that once your system starts to purge naturally, you'll be crapping a lot until your body adjusts. Once the juice starts to filter out everything, the floodgates are opened up and you feel like you downed a whole bottle of laxatives. Let's just say that if I decide to do the fast, I'll make sure my body has done all the purging it wanted to do before running out to do errands.

The reason I'm considering the juicing thing is because I'm starting to put on pounds again and I'm willing to try a fast just to see if I can do it, plus the fact I think it would be cool to own a juicer as I would actually use the thing. A few major dept. stores sell them for just 35 bucks, so, y'know, why not?

I know from watching the documentary that some people simply can't do the fast even for as little as week. Some bail out after less than 3 days, but like I said, I think I can do a week. If not, it's worth it to at least try.

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