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Lekato Looper and Drum Pedal Review


Lekato very kindly sent me this for review.

Transparency notice: Lekato sent me this for free and I do not have to return it, so you can consider this a sponsored article.

The Looper and Drum pedal by Lekato is one of their newer offerings, and said honestly, I remember when a pedal like this used to cost more than triple for what Lekato sells theirs for.

Build quality is solid. The pedal has a metal case, all knobs and buttons have great tactile feel to them. Just from that alone, this pedal feels very expensive even though it isn't.

As I note in my video on this pedal below, something I immediately appreciated is that the pedal is not "busy" in its design. Everything is clearly marked. In addition, the LED lights the top left, top right and surrounding the foot switches also indicate exactly where you are at any moment. Many other drum/loop pedals miss this, but Lekato designed theirs correctly.

Another thing that is very easy to miss when comparing to other drum/loop pedals at a similar price point is that this pedal has a backlit color screen. It's small, but it tells you everything you need to know. There are racetrack-like segments showing you exactly where you are in any given loop, and furthermore you can get precise with your settings. An example of this is that you can set the volume of any loop right down to the decibel level.

Speaking of which, a very nice touch is that the loop and drum machine volumes are separate. This is excellent for getting exactly the right volume you want.

When I was recording loops with this pedal, there were no bad noises heard. No clicks, no pops, no digital distortion. In fact, the pedal even tells you if the signal is too hot with an on-screen "clipping" warning - which is something a lot of other pedals don't do at all. Audio was clear and clean throughout.

Do the drums sound any good? Yes. There are a lot of drum patterns available, and they can all have their beat-per-minute adjusted to whatever you like. I do appreciate there is a decent selection of acoustic and electronic drum loops available.

Lastly - and this is the biggest compliment I can give the pedal - it's not difficult to use. Looper/drum pedals are typically notoriously complicated, but not this one. It does not take days to figure out how this pedal works but rather just minutes.

I would honestly recommend this if you need a looper + drum kit all in one pedal. Yes, others are out there, but none offer what the Lekato has at its price point. Remember, it has a color screen.

The Lekato Drum and Looper pedal is available at their Amazon store.

Check out my video below to see it in action.

Published 2023 Aug 8

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