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Dumb guitar on the moment: The light-up acrylic SG


You're going love how much this one weighs...

Okay, first and foremost, this is not a Gibson. Obviously. I don't think they would ever dare build something like this, especially considering the low price it sells for.

Yes, this is one of the guitar types I said you should never buy.

So why am I bothering to talk about it? This is the first time I've ever seen a light-up acrylic SG guitar shape that you can buy right now.

As dopey as this thing is (and it is truly dopey), it's ever-so slightly less dopey than a light-up acrylic Strat shape guitar. The SG shape does work a little better. Why? The SG has more of a "planky" shape and pointed horns, which does make the lights reflect more. I mean, if you're going to get a guitar that lights up, you might as well get the most reflective thing you can, right?

This is, however, assuming you can actually play this thing standing for longer than 15 minutes due to how much this weighs.

In the listing, the weight is stated. 5.6kg. That's over 12 pounds. Yikes. No, that's not total shipping weight. That's what the guitar alone weighs.

It is required to have a very well-padded strap with thick ends just to play this thing standing.

To put that in perspective, this guitar weighs as much as a double-neck SG.

Who would actually want this guitar?

This guitar is for only one type of guitar player. The SG fan. The guy who will play nothing but SGs because he loves them so much. The guy who thought, until now, that he owned every single type of SG that's ever existed. Well, he hasn't, because there's this one.

No, it's not made by Gibson. But it is, arguably, the best wall decoration for "the music room" in the SG fan's house. That's the reason to buy this thing. It's not for play because the thing is just too heavy. But it makes for fantastic functional decoration.

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