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Line 6 "Classic" speaker mode upgrade for Spider V amps


This is how modern guitar amps work. And I very much like it.

Line 6 recently released the MKII versions of the Spider V amps. I use the V 60 because it's pretty much the perfect size for home use. Small but not too small, very lightweight, great interface software, USB, smartphone connectivity, and so on. It also just sounds damned good.

A problem that a lot of owners complained about is that miking the amp basically wasn't possible because of the full range speaker. This has been fixed with the new V 60 MKII that now has a "Classic" speaker option that "turns off" the full range and makes the amp sound more like a traditional combo.

Does that mean the old MKI amp is now obsolete? No! Line 6 released the software update for free along with newly updated Spider V Remote software, also for free.

This literally means you can simply update a MKI to a MKII. No "hacking" required. No need to buy a new amp.

I really, really like this. Line 6 did so well here by not requiring a forced hardware upgrade just to get the latest features.

Also, yes this new Classic speaker option is easily accessible in Spider V Remote in the "Cab" section for any preset:


Why does anyone care about miking a guitar combo modeling amp?

If you take something like the ever popular Shure SM57 and use that to mike a Spider V amp with the full range speaker enabled, the recorded sound isn't good. With the full range on, it's like trying to mike a home stereo speaker.

What the Classic option does is get that old-school combo amp sound, and like magic, now the Spider V can be miked and it sounds right.

In the way guitar amps are progressing these days, yes it is necessary for this feature to exist. Guys want amps that will do everything. They want something that can be used live, used over USB, used DI, controlled via the amp, PC connected software or smartphone, emulate basically everything, be stuffed with all the effects, be able to be miked, and so on. Spider V now does all this.

It is very convenient to have everything done at the amp. Sure, you can use 100% software. Or you can go old school and use a tube-type amp recorded with a microphone. But having it all in a nice, lightweight combo amp is something many guitar players prefer, myself included.

Line 6 offered everything I wanted in an amp at the best bang for the buck, and that's why I bought it in the first place. The fact Line 6 offered the Classic speaker software upgrade totally for free to existing Spider V amp owners is just cool. This lets me know my money was well spent getting the amp.

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