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more music coming soon

I'm writing this one not just as an announcement but also as a reminder to actually do it.

The last time I released a song was in June 2015, almost a full year ago. Yeah, it's been a while. Totally my fault...

...and I intend to rectify that fault by releasing out some new songs soon.

I find that sometimes it's necessary to put pressure on myself to get songs done, and posting this article is my way of doing that.

Setting deadlines

Setting deadlines is a thing I sometimes do, and it's something I recommend to any guitar player just looking to get songs done.

The process is this: Get the song written and recorded, no matter how bad it turns out, by X date. X is whatever date you set.

So anyway, yes, new songs are coming soon. Kind of a short announcement, but not much needs to be said. It just needs to get done and will be done.

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