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My 6 favorite guitar chords

guitar chord

I find some guitar chords to be more pleasant than others. These are the 6 that sound best to my ears.


I almost never play a straight Cmaj. Adding in the 9 just makes the C sound so much better.


This is again something I play instead of straight Dmaj. Leaving the open 2 on the high-E string makes this chord work.


Although not heard in most songs I play, I use Gmaj7 all over the place when practicing.


I first learned this one from listening to the intro for White Room by Cream. Right before the first lyric "In the white room" happens, that's when you hear the chord. I was hooked ever since I first heard it.


I like this one because I can incorporate a lot of open strings and change it up in several ways at whim.

Almost any 6/9 (6add9) chord

I never played a 6/9 chord before I owned a Jazzmaster. Although I can play the chord on any guitar, the Jazzmaster inspired me to look into things I never played before, and the 6/9 chord was one of them.

6/9 just has an amazing sound to it.

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