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Ibanez does a "Negative Antigua" finish


This is the most interesting finish I've seen this year.

Somebody over at Ibanez is really smart, because they managed to pull off something original that looks absolutely incredible with this color option - on an entry level bass!

The moment I saw the Ibanez SR300E in Night Snow Burst, I knew exactly what this was. Somebody over at Ibanez was experimenting with color choices on a computer, and thought, "What would happen if I took an antigua finish and reversed the colors to negative?"

Answer: You get the Night Snow Burst finish.

Antigua is a Fender color. If you do a Google Image Search for "fender antigua", you get this:


...and this is what happens if you use negative colors of that:


Ibanez Night Snow Burst is literally a negative Fender Antigua.

Very smart.

The question you're probably asking now is if this color option exists on any 6-string guitar models. I looked around in Ibanez's current catalog and couldn't find an example. It appears this is a bass-only finish...

...but I could be wrong, as the Ibanez guitar catalog is quite large.

If you're wondering if Fender has a color like this, they don't. The closest thing they have is Dark Night, which is a burst, but it's a black-to-blue and altogether different from what Ibanez did with Night Snow Burst.

Why do I like Night Snow Burst so much?

It is really difficult for any guitar maker to come up with something unique that stands out while at the same time is classy and subtle, but Ibanez did it.

Night Snow Burst is one of those finishes that dances on the line between blue and purple. This means some will see one color while others see the other, and it happens without any special paint tricks.

And again, for this to exist on an entry level model with the headstock color-matched to the body, wow.

I do hope this finish exists for a 6-string guitar model. If it doesn't, it should.

Published 2021 Jul 29

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