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New bass guitar

It was finally time to retire my old cheap Epiphone P-Bass guitar and buy a new cheap bass guitar. (grin) The only reason I own an electric bass is to lay down my own bass tracks in my home recording studio - so needless to say it does not have to be an expensive instrument.

A friend is visiting for a few days so we piled in the car and headed off to Warwick RI Guitar Center. The last time I went there (December 2004) I saw some cheap new basses there and hoped there would be some left after the Christmas season.

Fortune smiles: There were some. I grabbed a Yamaha RBX170-DBM off the rack, plugged it in and started thumbing it a bit. Sounded good. I bought it. Price: $180.00 after tax.

This is the first new bass guitar I've bought.. ever. My previous bass guitar was bought by my pop about twelve years ago - which just goes to show you how long ago it was I acquired one. (grin)

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