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The tale of the terrible Nissan Versa

Things I learned

Never buy a car that's been modded by the previous owner

The car I drive now is used but as far as I can tell is all stock and never been modified. Factory radio, factory glass with no dopey aftermarket tinting, factory everything. And it's lovely.

Modded cars are junk. Undoing all the "improvements" the previous owner did just isn't worth it.

Window tint ruins cars

Prior to the Versa I never owned a car with aftermarket window tint on it, and I never will again.

If I ever feel the need to darken the glass, I'm just buying a cheap shade set. Just slap it on when needed it and take it off when done. No glass mods needed, and it works.

All aftermarket stereos are terrible

They all look stupid and don't match the look of the car, and none of them fit correctly. If anything, it's better to convert that space into a pocket for usable storage.

It's definitely better to just keep things stock. Modded cars as I've come to learn are just awful.

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