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Older Squier guitars worth getting


There are a few older Squier models out there that are actually pretty cool if you can find them in good shape...

...with emphasis on if. Most Squier guitar owners do not treat their guitars well. Most do either a) beat the crap out of them or b) not play them for months or years before finally parting with it. However, sometimes you'll come across one that's in decent condition.

At this point in electric guitar history there's now a whole swath of guitars from when Squier reinvented itself (more or less) in the 2000s. In '04 the Vintage Modified Series was launched and in '08 the Classic Vibe Series came into existence. Those two series of guitars that still exist to this day is what make guitarists - myself included - take notice.

Here are a few that are no longer made that are worth picking up if you can find them.

Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Special - Seen above. Top-loading Jazzmaster with no vibrato system at all, concentric controls and a Stratocaster "football" output jack. 25.5" scale length. Decent guitar to own if you want an uncomplicated Jazzmaster that has the tone without all the extra electronic and vibrato bits.

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Special

I regret not buying this new when I had the chance. It's a Tele with a Jazzmaster neck and a Jazzmaster front pickup. This is one I actually played in person. It played and sounded very nice.

This only came in butterscotch with the black guard. No other color was ever offered.

Squier Vintage Modified Tele Custom II

This is another I regret not buying. Love the headstock treatment and love the big P90 single-coil pickups. I'm not a fan of the skirted amp knobs but that's forgivable here. And the vintage white (looks yellow) looks simply amazing.

Squier Simon Neil Stratocaster

This is basically a Squier Classic Vibe '60s Stratocaster with one exception. It's Fiesta Red. It is as far as I know the only Classic Vibe Strat (arguably the best Strat Squier makes) to ever come in this finish, and that's what makes it worth getting if you can find one in good shape.

To note, this is not an easy Strat to locate. It was a very limited run and I've never seen one in person. But it did exist.


Squier Deluxe Stratocaster

NOT out-of-production. It's still being made new at the time I write this. This is the only Squier Strat made that has the satin urethane neck finish just like the Mexico and USA made Fender Strats. It's also the only Squier Strat that has the modern 2-post bridge with brushed saddles.

Want to know why you never see this model in a guitar store? It's because it sells real quick. Guys who know Squier Strats know this is one of the best out there. It has almost every appointment that a USA Fender model has at a bargain basement price. Is this "the ultimate sleeper Squier Strat?" For the moment, yes it is.

This is an older model but totally worth getting if you have the cash for it. You won't be disappointed.


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