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Eating ridiculous cookies, Oreo Space Dunk


I rarely buy Oreos or cookies in general, but when I saw the Oreo Space Dunk cookies, yeah I had to get them.

It was actually the appearance that sold me on them because it looks like an '80s arcade. You've got the packaging with the big 3-D SPACE DUNK letters on it, starry night in the background, and so on. The cookie itself has a spaceship on it. It totally works.

Is there a difference between regular Oreos and Space Dunk? In fact, yes.

The creme is different in look because it's blue and purple even though it tastes the same as the regular creme.

The taste is the same as regular Oreos, however, it has a small amount of popping candy added in. Think of it as a light sprinkling of Pop Rocks.

You'd think this would be a bad combination, but it surprisingly works because the popping candy was kept to a reasonable level. The popping doesn't happen immediately but it's definitely there.

Ridiculous cookie? Yes. But they're fun, and that's the whole point...

...and fun enough to where it actually got me to get some, which is saying something. I've passed by Oreos many times in the candy aisle at the supermarket and never given them a second thought. Space Dunk Oreos got my attention, so yeah, the packaging worked and the cookie delivered.

Published 2024 May 2

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