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Ovation acoustic clone for ridiculously cheap price


It genuinely surprises me this thing is actually for sale.

What you see above closely resembles an Ovation Celebrity acoustic guitar, except it's not. This is an unbranded clone that literally sells for under $100 new.

Yeah, that surprised me too, so I looked into it.

First and foremost: Not electrified. If this were an actual Ovation, it would be.

Supposedly does have a spruce top, but as to whether the guitar actually projects or not, that I don't know.

It is full size at 41" long, but at the same time ridiculously thin (for an acoustic), as a true Ovation would be.

What surprises me most is the headstock shape. It is really close to the distinctive shape Ovation uses. Too close? Yes, and that's what surprises me more than anything else.

I seriously doubt this Ovation clone guitar is actually any good (you would honestly be better off with a Yamaha FD01S for just 50 bucks more), but when I saw the clone I just had to write about it just for the fact that yes, it exists.

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