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And the vote is cast

My father and I just got back from voting. In typical fashion, he voted Democrat. I voted Republican. It's a small joke we have that our votes "cancel each other out" every year. (grin) Regardless, we did our duty as citizens with the right to choose.

Also, very nice turnout at the polls. Nice to see that.

Lucky 7

Just realized today that I've been officially blogging for over 7 months now. Damn. Don't think I've ever put this much effort into a web site before. I know that there are those out there who have been blogging a lot longer.. but I still consider this an achievement for me. A good one. (grin)

Update on colors

I'm able to put the custom colors on most parts of this site. You'll notice that right now the custom choices don't work on the search part or the comments part - but I'm working on that. (grin)