cartoons then vs. cartoons now

When you use Netflix with a web browser, there's a lot more ability to sort through what you want, and part of that includes the ability not only to sort by genre, but also by subgenre, and then year released from newest to oldest.

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The lower end 2014 Gibson USA Les Paul line - which to get?

While I'm not a Les Paul player, I was happy to see Gibson dropping their prices for several USA models for 2014. In this article I'm concentrating on the first 6 of them from lowest-to-highest in price.

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How to get Jimi Hendrix guitar tone

Hendrix tone is basically about three things. Fuzz, octave and an envelope filter (which you know as wah-wah or just wah).

The stuff you need to get Hendrix tone is below (both for cheap and expensive ways), however you should keep reading after that stuff because there are certain things you need to know.

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