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Relic of 2000s styling, the "tribal graphic"


Some styles of the past come back into fashion. This one didn't.

A clarification up front: I'm not talking about tribal art. When you look up tribal art, you'll see many interesting art pieces, much of which is ceremonial and/or religious...

...but that's not what a tribal graphic is.

In the mid-to-late 2000s, tattoos were the Thing of The Moment. There were even a few television shows made just about tattooing, such as Miami Ink. Every tattoo show was all sorts of terrible. Trash TV at its finest.

Tattoo culture birthed what's known as the tribal graphic. And with that I have to make another clarification...

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Jackson Kelly JS32T, the cheapest Explorer shape


If you gotta have that Explorer-like shape for new and cheap, this is your only option.

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I love '70s Stratocasters (but I'd never own one)


Love the way they look, but that's it.

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