tapes. i don't get it.

The proper name for this specific audio technology is called the compact cassette. Amazingly, you can get new blanks easily for all those mixdowns you're never going to make. More on that in a minute.

Nobody I knew back in the day used the term compact cassette. Everybody, including me, called them tapes. That term was so ubiquitous that when the Nintendo Entertainment System came out, we called the game cartridges that went into the system "Nintendo tapes" even though there was never any physical tape in the cartridge.

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cheap archiving for a data hoarder

Every now and then I check to see what's out there for cheap but good data storage. I'm not talking about the NAS stuff because that's complicated... although I will admit NAS is a lot easier to set up these days compared to years ago.

What I'm talking about is the easy stuff. USB stick, internal drive and external drive solutions.

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mcdonald's AI drive-thru is a bad idea - or is it?

Back in the '90s when I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation, there was a thing on the Enterprise called a replicator. And I assume that was inspired by the Foodarackacycle in The Jetsons, as that predates Star Trek.

In Jetsons, the Foodarackacycle was a pushbutton device whereas in Star Trek: TNG you just spoke to it, and it magically created what you wanted. More often than not, a replicator was used to create food and drinks.

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