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Parts guitars can look awesome

XGP REAL ABALONE SHELL Strat Style Body 3 Single Coils

Some guitar parts out there look so darned good that "parting together" your next guitar may be what you want to do.

When you start seeking out guitar parts, you come across some really amazing stuff. It's amazing enough to where I may seriously consider putting together my next guitar from ready-to-install parts.

Above is one such example of how cool things get. It's a Strat body from Guitar Fetish, the XGP Real Abalone Shell Strat Style body. No, it's not cheap as it has a price of over $200, but that abalone shell is absolutely one of the coolest things you could ever have. Something more subdued but seriously sexy is the XGP Pearl Shell body.

As for what I would go with, I like Telecasters and would love a Fiesta Red body or maybe Vintage Cream or maybe even Gold Metallic. This is stuff I can't get from Fender or Squier with regular production models.

And, of course, Guitar Fetish literally sells everything else to put a guitar together. And I mean everything. There's even a section called Community Builds where you can see guitars made from 100% Guitar Fetish sourced parts.

Is Guitar Fetish the cheapest? No. But I'm glad they're not, because going with bottom-of-the-barrel priced parts usually doesn't work out too well. GF from what I can see does price their parts fairly, the selection is huge and the company genuinely seems to care about providing decent guitar gear.

Will I part together a Telecaster using nothing but GF parts in the future?

I just might.

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