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Is it possible to have a perfect electric guitar?



In podcast episode 7 I talk about what is needed to have the near-perfect electric guitar.

Yes, near-perfect. Not perfect. Perfection is impossible because things change. The guitar changes from wear or even from just sitting in a case doing nothing. You change either from age, gaining weight, losing weight or maybe something else entirely. You can't avoid these changes, so the best you can go for is near-perfection as that is attainable.

Pictured above is the Schecter PT Fastback, seen above. That guitar is about as near-perfect as you can get for the reasons I mentioned in the podcast. I state the very specific reasons why the PT Fastback ticks almost every single box for a near-perfect electric.

Also in the podcast I tell you what to specifically look for to part together a guitar that ticks all the boxes. And yes, the guitar has to be parted together because nobody makes one that has all the necessary stuff. Is it expensive to part together that near-perfect guitar? Surprisingly, no it isn't. But again, it does have to be parted together.

When you know all the necessary stuff needed to part together "that guitar" that finally works for you the way you want it, you will understand far better why some guitar players don't even bother with brand name guitars anymore. There are many guitars that come close but just don't quite make it. The only way around that? Part the guitar together yourself. Then you get everything you want.

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