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Pulsar PJ6007 "Railroad Approved" watch review

Pulsar PJ6007

Yep, I bought one.

I hinted in this post that I had my eye on the Pulsar PJ6007, and since I received a $25 Amazon gift card for my birthday, I decided to put it toward the purchase of this watch, making the total I paid after that just a tick over 35 bucks. That figure is the most I've paid for any single watch since I spend very little on timepieces. What I got for the money was quite good.

Pulsar is a Seiko brand, and as I mentioned before, the Seiko version of this is the SNE045.

Here's the specs, and then the pros and cons of the PJ6007.




Best low-end "railroad approved" watch there is?

Yes, no question about it. It is very difficult to find a watch that isn't oversized, is very readable, has a white dial with black numbers and black hands and day-date complications. The only other watch I know that has these specific features is the Timex Easy Reader T20041 - however - the Timex does not have an inner ring of 24-hour numbers like the Pulsar does. In addition, the Timex ticks loudly while the Pulsar runs totally silent.

The weak point of the Pulsar is the bracelet. Once adjusted, yeah, it's fine, but if you don't have watch tools, it will be required to take it to a jeweler for size adjustment.

Overall, yes, a good watch. Really easy to read, really easy to set the time, looks classy.

Will the PJ6007 be my new daily wearer? Maybe. I've another watch on the way that was gifted to me that I talked about recently, and it will be my first self-winding automatic. It was bought right around the same time as when I bought the Pulsar.

I'll talk about that watch once I get it, but for now, the Pulsar has become my daily wearer.

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