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random car photos


Above: A Dodge Viper RT/10.

The rag top looked a bit messed up. The car looks cool and whatnot, but Vipers these days don't impress me as much as they used to.


Above: One of the local radio station's promo vehicles.

I can't even tell you what kind of car is. No clue. But it's disgustingly ugly.


Above: An ugly old Chevy full size pickup.

You know, you gotta respect trucks like this. This is a real work truck. And for any vehicle to rust in Florida is rare - so you know she's been 'round the block quite a few times.


Above: A mid-80's Chevy Nova

This was the car that impressed me the most today. Why? Look at how good she still looks. This car is in near-mint condition. This is impressive because she's at least 20 years old.

I really, really like cars like this. Small, efficient gas sippers that just keep on runnin' and run some more.

A car like this would never survive in New England, as she would have rusted off her frame years ago.

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