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On driving a regular car


It's been about a month since getting my 2010 small hatchback, which is pretty much as regular of a car as you can get, and there are a few things I've learned.

Here's what I've come to like about it thus far:

Here's what I don't like, and this list is short:

What does it feel like to drive a regular car?


I don't care about 0-60 times nor do I care about "sport tuned suspension" or any of that nonsense. What I do care about is noise, comfort and fuel mileage.

My car is not noisy. Very quiet, actually. This was a bit unnerving at first because my previous truck was noisy and I got used to that, but I quickly have become used to the lovely quietness. Silence really is golden.

It took about two weeks before I found the correct seating position. Once I found it, I established a comfort zone that feels very nice.

Fuel mileage has varied. The high point was 40 MPG. It was amazing to achieve that, but I had to hypermile it to get that figure. The realistic "drive normal and don't care" figure is 30 to 34 depending on how heavy I am with my right foot.

The part where I really show my age

I'm 42 at the time I write this and have lived in Florida for over 10 years. Around Tampa Bay it's fairly easy to find exotic cars. In certain areas, seeing Lamborghini and Ferrari cars is almost common. Heck, even where I live there's a guy who lives nearby that putts around in a newer Maserati that cost at least 6 figures. And I don't even live in wealthy neighborhood.

I've also seen classic cars aplenty. Florida has tons of those and I've even been to a classic car dealerships, including the DeLorean dealership in Bonita Springs, FL where you can get yourself a DMC-12 in like-new condition that even includes a warranty.

After experiencing what it's like to drive a comfortable, quiet little hatchback, other cars I used to think were cool now just seem totally stupid.

Here's what I know to be true about those 3 specific types of cars.

Luxury sedans, at least in Florida, lose well over 50% of their value in 5 years. The bare minimum cost to buy a new luxury sedan in 2017 is about $35,000. In 5 years, that car will be worth less than $15,000 regardless of who made it. Could be a Cadillac, Audi, Lincoln, Volvo, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, whatever, doesn't matter. They all dive in value. It's just a huge rip-off.

Classic muscle cars are all rattle traps because they're built on 1960s and 1970s car technology. They're loud, obnoxious, get horrendous gas mileage, can't corner, get very bouncy on the highway, the turning circle is gigantic, the dash lights are dim and you can barely read the gauges at night, and so on. They really are rattle traps, by the way. None of those cars have panels that fit perfectly from the factory. And sound insulation? Yeah, right. What sound insulation?

Exotic cars are just plain annoying. Can't go over a speed bump or even the slightest dip into a parking lot without scraping the underside, no trunk space, worst visibility, bad gas mileage, loud and obnoxious just like muscle cars are, and most can't even get 200 miles out of a full tank of gas. That's pathetic.

I am right at the age where men will usually go and buy the luxury sedan, classic car or exotic car as a treat to themselves. I didn't, because having a car paid in full that comfortably, quietly and reliably gets me where I want to go while achieving good MPG is a treat in itself. More so that anything a luxury sedan, classic muscle car or exotic could offer me.

If I were a millionaire, would I still drive a hatchback?

Absolutely. All I would change is that I'd switch to a slightly older hatchback (probably something Japanese) so I could get the manual release hatch door, restore the car to like-new condition and just drive that.

One day I will be a millionaire, but until then I am genuinely happy with the car I have. Regular, plain little hatchbacks really work for me.

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