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retro casio watch stuff - part 2

I decided to see if I could actually find and buy a few of those old-school Casio watches new.



The F-28W is on the left, the W59 on the right.

Cost for both after tax: Under $30. Cheap enough, so I bought both.

Two things bother me however. The F-28W's band is a bit stiff, and the W59 even though it has more features does not display the month - even though you can set the month. Yeah, weird.

I have thought about swapping out the band from the W59 to the F-28W as it really wouldn't be that difficult and I know it would fit, but I'd like to keep these all-original.

Right now I'm wearing the W59 because the band is more comfortable. I don't know if I'll be wearing it with any sort of frequency because as I said in my last bloggo, I'm not a wristwatch person. If I decide to not wear either, they're still cool little conversation pieces I can use as knickknacks. 🙂


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