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rich goes to the ren faire

A friend and I went to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival today.

Here's some photos of it. I'll write more about the event itself under these photos.

This was my first time visiting one of these "ren faire" things, and here's my impression of it.

1. Great for kids.

If you've got kids, you should definitely take them to one of these. I kind of wish my parents did when I was little. I would have had a blast. No question.

2. Tits, tits and more tits.

Like tits? What red-blooded man doesn't? Maidens in wench outfits kick ass. Lots of cleavage. Heck, even the old broads look hot.

If more girls dressed like maidens, the world would be a happier place. It's the only outfit I know of where I girl can show off her chest without looking like a slut. While it's true you don't see any ass, that's okay. The tits more than make up for it.

And the stuff they do with their hair is also hot. Lots of things in the hair that give off a nice feminine touch.

3. Friendly, but somewhat invasive, people.

Ren faire folk are all friendly, but some like to get in your FACE from time to time. If you're a skittish/shy person, be warned. These people can and do approach. Best thing to do is just keep yer trap shut if you don't know how to deal with them. 🙂


Ren faire is basically just like a county fair, except medieval themed. Other than that there's not too much difference between the two. They're both outdoor events, they both have vendors a-plenty, outdoor shows, live events, rides and the like.

But the girls at Ren Faire look way hotter. 🙂


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