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Schecter Omen Extreme-6, 3 months later


It's been 3 months, and this guitar is doing well.

Some guitars I buy and they don't even stay with me a month. Some don't even last a week. But this one, the Schecter Omen Extreme-6 in Ocean Blue Burst, has stuck around. I've now had it about 3 months.

Here's how things have fared out thus far:

I still very much appreciate how light in weight this guitar is. I've not weighed it, but it's either at or just under 7 pounds. It's lovely.

Tuners hold tune just fine, the nut string travel is great, the bridge saddles haven't budged, all the electronics still work great, and there's no creaks, squeaks or rattles anywhere.

I think what's amazed me the most is the neck stability. I only had to adjust the truss rod once. Just once. And it stayed put. I've not had to readjust it since.

It took me some time to get used to the pickups, but now I very much like them. When split, this is the most Strat-sounding guitar with a pair of humbuckers I've ever heard. The pickups totally have that Strat "quack" when used in single-coil mode. It's so good that you'd think it was a Fender. I'm not kidding.

Least usable pickup setting for me is neck-only. I find myself using bridge and bridge + middle the most. It's not that the neck-alone setting is bad. I just haven't really found a use for it just yet.

I only have two complaints about the guitar. The push-pull is a bit stiff and requires a firm pull to put it in the up position, and I don't like that volume controls are flipped. The knob closest to the neck controls the bridge pickup and the middle knob controls the neck pickup. I may at some point flip these around, but for now I'm okay with it.

For most players, the flipped volume controls is a plus rather than a minus since so many guitarists live on only the bridge pickup. But I like it the old-school way, so again, I may flip the volume pots back to traditional positions. The only reason I haven't is just laziness since the guitar works just fine.

No issues otherwise. Everything still works exactly as it should. Schecter definitely did this guitar right.

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