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Schecter Reaper 6 wood may not be good

Schecter Reaper 6

I've been noticing a trend with modern guitars recently, and it's not that great.

Above is a Schecter Reaper 6 in a finish called Satin Inferno Burst. Good guitar? Yes. But what bothers me about it is the look.

The only styled finish on this guitar is the top of the body and most of the top of the headstock. The back, however...


Yeah, I'm not a fan of this. The guitar almost looks like a prototype that was never completed. But this is not a prototype. This Reaper model you're seeing is the completed production guitar.

You may be saying to yourself, "Hey, I've seen this before just recently on something else..."

Yes, you have. Ibanez RGD Iron Label has a very similar appearance.

This is what one looks like, and yes, the back has the same unfinished-like look just as the Schecter does:

Ibanez RGD Iron Label

I personally think the Schecter looks better, but again, I not taking a liking to all this wood showing.

What would make the look work better?

Stain or tint.

If the plain wood showing was either stained or tinted a few shades darker, that would make either the Schecter or the Ibanez much more attractive.

But until that happens, yeah this look isn't cutting it. Yes, it's different. Cool? Maybe. Exotic looking? No, and that's the look both these guitars are going for. Doesn't work.

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