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Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder needs a hardtail version

Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder

Wow, what a neck on this guitar...

...which is almost a reason to buy it. Almost.

Now before I get into that, the exact make and model of this guitar is the Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder FR. The SKU number for this particular model with the all-maple neck is 1280.

For the eagle-eyed out there, you'll notice the price tag says $449. That's because this is a used guitar, and the one I'm seen playing above had a rather large gash taken out at the forearm area. The previous owner obviously dropped the guitar because the gash was so bad you could see raw wood through where the finish used to be.

However, that didn't stop me from playing it, so I did so.

I don't shred and don't like Floyd-Rose tremolo systems. But I had a feeling the neck on this guitar was going to be something good, and oh yes, I was right.

The neck on this Schecter felt not just good but amazingly good. That combined with the just-right weight and a body with its nice contouring really makes this a good player guitar...

...if it weren't for that stupid FR system and the electronics it comes with.

This guitar has "shredder" right in the model name, so of course it has to have the prerequisite dopey FR system and "hot" pickups with active electronics.

If there were a version of this guitar with a pair of passive zebra alnico 2 humbuckers and in a hardtail flavor, this guitar would be unstoppable. Yes, it's that good.

You might be thinking that Schecter already makes this with the C-6 model. Not quite. The headstock on the C-6 is a 3x3 while the Super Shredder has them all on top, inline style. Also, the C-6 does not offer an all-maple neck version either.

Only the Super Shredder has that oh-so good feeling all-maple neck with the tuners on top. It is seriously one kickass guitar...

...if the FR system was dumped and the electronics changed to passive zebra humbuckers.

This guitar is so close to being a gem it's not even funny. All it needs is a tremolo system delete and an electronics change.

Hopefully, Schecter will make one. It will require a model name change, but that's easy. Instead of Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder, change to Schecter Sun Valley.

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