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She was almost cute

I went to the convenience store today to pick up a soda. Inside near the coffee machine was this really cute blonde girl. She wasn't supermodel beautiful but she was just really attractive. I caught a few glances as I passed by her to get my soda. She just seemed to have everything put together and she was dressed in classy clothes too.

When I turned around after I got my drink she had dropped something and bent over.

Her tight pants rode down her ass a little bit and what did I see? One of those damned small-of-the-back tattoos.

First thought in my head: A depressing sigh.

A beautiful pretty girl.

Ruined by one of those tribal batman-insignia looking tattoos.

Seriously, if you really look at these tribal things, it's not too far off from the Batman logo. Just add a few more sharp edges and lines.


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