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Should I start playing metal again?

I got a request to play some metal music, so I did. I have a few thoughts on this subject.

Metal music is one of those things that while it cannot be defined (seriously, nobody can define what it is,) it is still around.

The metal music genre should have died about, oh, 20 years ago. Metal should have the same popularity now as, say, doo wop music.

Why hasn't metal died? Gaming.

Yeah, I am saying that gaming, at least for the time being, is what saved metal from total extinction.

Metal music actually does work well in first-person-shooter, racing and action games because the style does fit. I mean, what better music could there possibly be when playing a shooter and blowing stuff up?

On the rare occasions I post a metal music video, such as the one seen above I did recently, I get likes. Both kid and adult guitar players really like it when I grab a cheap guitar and wrangle out metal tones from it. It's especially impressive on a Strat because getting that metal sound on that particular guitar isn't easy.

But should I start cranking out metal music regularly again?

I'll be totally honest here.

If I (or anyone else for that matter) post metal guitar videos to YouTube, the views come easy because a lot of guitar players like metal music - especially since more cover song videos are getting "content ID" flagged left and right on YouTube these days. Now is a good time to get on YouTube if you can riff.

My biggest problem with metal as a guitar player is the same as anyone else who plays the style knows all too well. It is very easy... almost too easy... to get really bored playing metal.

Should I start playing metal on video more? Let me know. Email me.

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