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If I could travel back to the '90s, would I do it?



But only for a month.

Search around the internet for anything '90s, and you're certain to find comments from people saying if they could travel back in time and live in that decade forever, they would do it.

Would I? Yes, but like I said, it would be only for a month. Thirty days in the 1990s is more than enough, and I'd be relieved to come back to the 2020s.

Things I did like

I like the cars of the '90s. A lot of them. Cars by Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Toyota in this decade were just plain cool.

The clothing styles of the '90s were great. Not necessarily for the look but rather because of comfort. A standard "grunge" look is jeans, flannel and boots. You really can't go wrong with this, even today. It's a style that's both comfortable and wears for a long time. Certainly better than the garbage of the '80s that wore out so quickly.

Video game consoles were made like tanks, and the games were great for the most part. Huge improvement over the '80s stuff. Whether you went Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis, you got something truly good. The consoles were so overbuilt that most of them work perfectly fine even now, and that includes the controllers.

The movie theater experience in the '90s was pretty good. Not quite as good as the '80s, but still better than the 2000s (it's been downhill ever since the 2000s decade).

FM radio in the '90s was the best there ever was, no question about that. What was then known as shock jocks were actually daring and funny.

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