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Tagima TG-500 has the colors you want for a cheap Strat


A cheap Strat doesn't have to look bad.

Tagima TG-500 guitars can be found here for very nice prices. I'm purposely showing the metallic purple one because it is not easy to find a really nice looking cheap purple Strat.

Again, it's a metallic purple, meaning not flat. It's the kind of purple that really pops.

However, you're also going to see some additional seriously nice colors that Tagima uses. Metallic Gold, Seafoam Green, Surf Green, Olympic White, Candy Apple Red (yes, that red you miss so much), and so on.

Yes, Tagima also has the standard sunburst and black too, but why would you bother with that boring stuff when the other ritzy colors look so much better?

If for example you got the metallic gold (it's a darker gold), it totally looks like a $1,000 guitar but is priced nowhere near that.

And remember when both Fender and Squier had Candy Apple Red as regular production option, but then it vanished? You can get it back with a Tagima and it still looks as great as it ever did.

For those not familiar with that color, that red is best described as a "middle hue metallic red". It's darker than Fiesta Red and lighter than Dakota Red. Like I said, it's a middle hue with tasteful metallic flake in it.

I've watched YouTube demos of the Tagima TG-500, and it's a Strat. Looks like a Strat, sounds like a Strat and that's the tone you can expect.

You buy a TG-500 so you can get an awesome color for cheap, then mod the guitar to your liking if you wish (although it's definitely good enough on its own).

Published 2023 Aug 17

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