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tampa blogger shin-dig

The boss invited me to tag along to a blogger meet-up in South Tampa yesterday. So I went. It was, said honestly, interesting to actually speak with other people that understand what I think is normal conversation, i.e. stuff about WordPress, MovableType, Microsoft tech, Mac tech, the ins and outs of how blogging works, social networking, etc.

I was like "Yay.. birds of a feather." 🙂

The blogger I spoke with that "gets it" most was Sarah. Why? Because she's one of the very few folks I know that knows what Microsoft is truly all about. She totally understands the corporate side of what the guys and gals in Redmond actually do. It is extremely rare I encounter someone with that type of insight.

As for everyone else, there was not a single fanboy or fangirl there. That was 100% awesome. These people are all pros at what they do be it large or small scale.

I also re-learned something. If you're going to be geek, go geek. And do it unapologetically. It's definitely the only way to fly.

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