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The 7 best Fender guitar colors for 2021


Fender Mustang Bass, Firemist Gold

And this is the second color that will get the looks right after Burgundy Mist Metallic. Where Fender golds are concerned, this is way better than Shoreline Gold. That color is meant to look like sand, but Firemist Gold is meant to look like, well, gold. And it totally works.


Fender Vintera '60s Jazzmaster, Ice Blue Metallic

Ice Blue Metallic is one of the more recent offerings, and it definitely does work best with a color matched headstock. Fortunately, most models that come in this color (such as the Jazzmaster seen above), do match the headstock color with the body. It's a distinctive color without being loud and has a nice sense of class to it. A "very Fender" color, if you will.


Fender American Performer Telecaster Hum, Aubergine

This is one of the most elegant colors I've seen Fender use, and it suits a Telecaster with a dark fretboard quite nicely. The brass Tele saddles also agree very nicely with the overall look and makes them look gold.

What is aubergine, anyway? Eggplant. I'm not kidding. Still a really nice color, but I totally understand why Fender didn't just call it Eggplant, because that would have been a bit silly. Calling it Aubergine works.

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Published 2021 Apr 29

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