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If I could travel back to the '90s, would I do it?

Things I did not like

Most of this is the stuff people have conveniently forgotten about, but I haven't.

Not a cheap decade

Cable television had a huge price spike, you still had to pay for long distance calls, cell phones and phone service was really expensive, clothes were expensive, and many other things went up in price.

And were the prices of cars, apartments and houses truly cheaper in the '90s? Not really. If you don't believe me, you can run any inflation calculator online and see for yourself. '90s prices for the most part were higher compared to now.

Anything labeled with an "e"

Internet was a new thing in the '90s, so anything internet was electronic, meaning to sound modern, slap an e in front of it, and job done. eThis, eThat, eTheOtherThing. Whatever. Even if the product had nothing to do with the internet, it didn't matter. That stupid e got slapped in front of it anyway.

Goatees and Mullets

I've never had a mullet hairstyle on my head nor ever had a goatee on my face. But I knew plenty of dudes that did. Some had both going on at the same time.

I remember seeing more goatees than mullets, and I know why. It's because a goatee is acceptable in both blue and white collar jobs while the mullet is not. But that doesn't mean it looks any less goofy.

Low rise jeans

Seeing women's butt cracks poking out of the tops of jeans is not attractive. Never has been, never will be. Regardless of how hot the woman is, seeing butt crack is a no-sale.

A woman wearing low rise jeans is the female equivalent of a dude wearing jorts.

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