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The best looking Dean Z I've ever seen

Dean Z Select quilt top electric guitar

This is an example of when Dean does the Z right.

First I'll say yes, there is still the Classic Black version. Or, if you fancy one of these with a Floyd-Rose system, the Ocean Burst version also looks quite nice.

But here we have the Trans Brazilia version.

I ordinarily do not really care for the Dean Z, but I make an exception here because the colors chosen here work for every part of the guitar.

The first thing to notice - and this is easy to miss when you're not looking for it - is the body, neck and headstock all have binding. On the body and headstock you can see outer and inner binding. Looks great.

After that, the zebra pickups (and yes, they are in fact Seymour Duncan pickups) offer some nice contrast to the black hardware.

I really like that this has speed knobs on it. Very easy to see during play.

It is very nice that the headstock burst matches the body perfectly.

And those block inlays. Classy. Nice classic Gibson vibes there, and that's not a bad thing.

When I say this is the best Dean Z I've ever seen, I'm not kidding. Dean is notorious for making a lot of ugly guitars (see "dimebag dean" for examples of that), but this particular Z guitar is where things get a lot better.

This just goes to prove that Dean does make guitars that actually look good and perform well, and this Z is one of them.

The best compliment I can give this Z overall is that it's not pegged to any specific age of player. Anybody from a teenager to a senior or anywhere in between could play this. It's not a "kid's guitar" nor an "old man's guitar". This is an everyman guitar.

Good job, Dean.

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