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The dangers of disconnecting a Google+ profile from a YouTube channel


If you hadn't heard, Google has basically thrown in the towel with Google+. When the head of the G+ project suddenly quit (the same guy who helped create G+, by the way), that was the beginning of the end for G+.

Presently, I am operating my YouTube channel with no G+ connected to it whatsoever. I knew the dangers involved, took the risk and successfully disconnected G+ from YouTube. But I may have to reconnect it in a limited way. I'll explain that in a minute.

How to disconnect G+ from YouTube in 1,032,275 easy steps

Disclaimer 1: If you lose your YouTube channel from this, sucks to be you. Follow these instructions at your own risk. If you lose your stuff, don't cry to me, because I warned you in advance with red text and everything.

Disclaimer 2: This only works for old channels that were part of the YouTube system before the forced G+ integration.

Disclaimer 3: DO NOT email me asking for help with this. Ever. Any email asking anything about disconnecting a G+ profile will be ignored because I am not your personal tech support.

Disclaimer 4: Every single YouTube comment you have ever posted since you've had a G+ profile will be deleted.

Disclaimer 5: DO NOT DO ANYTHING I state here until you have read through this ENTIRE ARTICLE FIRST, else you WILL mess up your YouTube account.

Okay, here we go.

Now comes the part where you will freak out.

You're going to see the Delete your entire Google profile screen. There's going to be a whole bunch of warnings and "you really shouldn't do this" crapola, and so on.

Scroll to the bottom. Check the "Required" box. Then click the Remove selected services button.

The next screen will ask you for feedback. Give some, click the Submit button.

Logout of Google and YouTube.

Login to YouTube.

If your YouTube account's primary email address is Gmail, you should be able to see your normal YouTube account as it used to be (it might require you to "switch channels").

If your YouTube account's primary email address is not Gmail, there are further steps to take.

The first thing that will happen upon login is that you will have to "reactivate" your channel. You should see a big red rectangle with white text telling you to do this. Do so.

When you go to reactivate the channel, DO NOT create a personal channel but rather a "business" channel. This will be a tiny blue link (gee, I wonder why). When you click that, it will auto-fill in your good ol' YouTube username. Accept that and continue.

Now comes the "fun" part, as if you haven't had enough fun yet.

All your videos will be set to private. Every one of them. You'll have to relist them as public.

The Big Decision on whether or not to create a new channel G+ page just to comment

This is where I currently stand, and haven't decided what to do just yet.

Right now I have no G+ connected to my YouTube channel whatsoever. What this allows me to do is moderate (as in approve/disapprove), delete and block comments, but not post any.

I also lost the little notification "bell" since there's no G+ profile attached, and lost the ability to set blacklist words.

When I go to adjust comment settings, this happens:


This looks innocent enough, but it's not. This is the URL for this page:


Note the link_gplus part. Nope. I don't want to do that. I did not go through all this stuff just to go right back to G+ again.

I've not decided yet whether to create a G+ page just for the ability to comment on YouTube videos.

Do I really need the ability to comment? In all honesty, not really.

Where's the block list once G+ is disconnected from YouTube?

I knew where to find this from my years of using the YouTube service.

From the YouTube Dashboard: Community > Inbox > Address Book > Blocked Users. It still uses the old YouTube interface.

Will YouTube eventually get its own standalone comment system back?

I think so. Since Google moved over 1,000 employees from the G+ division to elsewhere in the company, it would make sense that they give YouTube back its own standalone commenting system. It would also be nice if YouTube got back its own contact/address book system as well, as in one that could be used to its full potential.

True, by doing that, YouTube turns back into an island unto itself, so to speak. But that's the way the users prefer it.

What about AdSense?

I am a partner user and did not lose monetization. All my monetized videos are still there.

Google, thankfully, never forced G+ integration into AdSense/AdWords. They were smart enough to know not to tangle in G+ with that.

However, I did encounter some weirdness... but I think it was only a system glitch.

Right after I disconnected G+, I got an email that said this:

AdWords account number: [redacted]

Dear AdWords Advertiser,

After reviewing your account, we found that one or more of your ads or keywords have been disapproved. Until you edit your ads or keywords to make them compliant, your ads unfortunately won't be able to show up on Google, our search partners, or on Display Network placements.

Below you'll find the reason why your ads or keywords have been disapproved, and at the end of this email, you'll find a Problem Report that includes details about which ads or keywords have been disapproved and what you can do to fix them.

Disapproval Reason
Video content unavailable: To ensure a good user experience, we don't allow promotions referencing video content that isn't publicly available.

I was totally confused by this at first because I have no AdWords campaigns running.

But then I saw the "Video content unavailable" disapproval reason and realized what happened. The videos were all set to private, channel changed from G+ over to regular-YouTube-account, AdWords "saw" that, "thought" there was some campaign running when there wasn't (and I confirmed there wasn't), blah blah blah.

There was a time a while back when I was running a few AdWords campaigns for some of my YouTube videos. But I disabled those campaigns a long while ago.

AdWords is not the same as AdSense, but it's really easy to confuse the two.

AdSense as far as YouTube is concerned is for monetized video content to bring money in. AdWords is where money goes out and you spend money on ad campaigns wherever you want to in the Google system for whatever kind of ad campaign you run.

Anyway, yeah, I ran into a Google system glitch. No big deal, because I don't think it busted anything.

Will YouTube get its mojo back now that G+ isn't forced anymore?

"Social" on the internet these days is a dirty word. Nobody wants to go near that crap because everyone has been thoroughly freaked out by the leaks of personal information that have happened over the past few years. Not from Google but from other systems and sites.

Nobody wanted social media shoved into YouTube, so the sooner Google gets it out of there completely, the better. Once social is out of YouTube so YouTubers can be YouTubers again, yeah I think the site will get its mojo back.

If anyone from Google reads this: Could you please enable the ability for me or any other pre-G+ channel owner to comment without having to create a G+ "channel page"? That would be cool.


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