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The three watches I wear the most


One analog, one digital and one ana-digi.

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of my site that the three watches I wear most are all Casio brand, and I wear them for very specific reasons.

Over the years I've bought a bunch of Casios, but my tastes have changed. I used to get along just fine with an F-91W or A158, but as of now, the three I wear most are as follows.

Casio W735H, seen above. I wear the W735HB-1A variant with the fabric strap. Bought one and liked it so much that I immediately bought another because there was only one eBay seller in the entire US who had them. He had 5 and I bought 2.

I was lucky to get the 2 I did, and from a quick search I found one left on Amazon, so if you want it, it's there.

The W735H is big and chunky, but very comfortable and has a ridiculously good "Super Illuminator" night light.

Casio MTP4500D, another one that I acquired this year. There's no problem finding one of these as they are plentiful at the time I write this. It's my favorite type of quartz analog because it's time-only with small seconds. The fact it has a slide rule bezel and chronograph (which does work nicely) is a bonus. The hour indexes are raised and play with light nicely.

This watch looks way more expensive than it actually is, that's the best part. The worst part is the bracelet, and I will probably swap it out with something else in the future. I'm also still amazed that you absolutely cannot hear this thing tick, even when running the stopwatch. Ultra-silent ticker. Very nice.

Casio AQ230. I have two of these. One is silver with black dial, and the other a gold (obviously not real gold) AQ230GA variant. This little ana-digi is one of the very few watches I've ever been complimented on while wearing it in public. Simple, elegant, small, thin, fits under cuffs very easily. The black dial is the one I prefer over the gold, and it's actually very readable because the dial is uncluttered.

The AQ230 is the smallest watch I own. It's a 30mm dial (29.8mm to be accurate,) but since it basically wears like a wide men's bracelet, it works.

W735H gets the most wrist time

I'm a digital guy first when it comes to watches, but that's not the only reason the W735H is on my wrist the most.

The total weight of the watch is 47g, which is insanely light given its size.

The night light is the best I've ever had.

I do use the countdown timer, and use it often.

I really like seeing time + month + date + weekday all on one screen, all at once.

Side buttons are huge and easy to press.

Crystal is recessed and prevents it from getting scratched accidentally.

Black case = dings and scratches are barely visible.

Velcro strap fastener allows me to adjust size to an almost surgical level, and also switch size any time I want (great for hotter days.)

Vibration alarm allows me to be notified of countdown timer finish, hourly signal and/or alarm without the watch beeping at all. And yes, when the vibration alert is on, the watch is totally silent.

I have seen a photo of the W735H on a NATO strap, so yes, it's doable. If for whatever reason I wasn't able to get the W735H's I did, I would get the 1AV version, ditch the strap, throw on a NATO or a hook and loop (Velcro) strap and that would work for me.


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