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Ugly Fenders of 2020 - Electron Green Strat, Tele and Precision Bass


No, this is not a Photoshopped image. This exists.

Above is Player Stratocaster in Electron Green. And if you can believe it, there is a Telecaster and Precision Bass in this same color available as well.

Okay, yeah, these are "rare", so it does make them collectibles - but only because of the color. These are otherwise regular models just with a color you never see them in.

This is basically the same color you see on fleece clothing (hoodies, jackets, etc.) and fleece blankets except really shiny.

The good part is that these guitars sell for no more than models in other colors. The bad part is... well... the color itself.

I suppose there is another good part. You could claim you have a "Custom Shop" Fender guitar, and nobody would disagree with you since Electron Green is obviously not a regular run finish option.

Fender Lead II does a loud green a whole lot better

Strats simply do not look good in green. It doesn't work. But the Fender Lead II in Neon Green? Yes, this works:


This is a guitar you would expect to be in a loud green color considering the era from which it originally came from. It has a shape and style to it that takes to the bright green much better than the Electron Green Strat does.

Also, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The Neon Green of the Lead II is a just a touch darker than the Electron Green which has more yellow in it.

Both colors are loud, but given the choice between the two, the Lead II's Neon Green is less annoying.

Personally, I'm not into green guitars. Just look how much better the Lead II is when finished in Crimson Red Transparent or basic Black. Night and day difference.

But if you gotta go for the green, consider the Lead II first. Strats are cool and all that, but again, the Lead II just carries the color so much better.

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