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Vintage Guitar of the Week #1 - 1976 Fender Stratocaster Mocha

I've decided to try out a new thing here, Vintage Guitar of the Week. This is the first one...

...and it's a 1976 Fender Stratocaster Mocha.

When you see the price of it on that link, the first question you'll probably have is (unless things change), "Why isn't it selling for more?" There are a few reasons for that.

First, it's a hardtail (technically a string-through-body.) You'll see the ferrules on the back of the guitar in the photos on the link. Some Strat players just don't care for hardtails. Ordinarily, I don't like hardtail Strats either, but it works on this particular guitar.

Second, it's a 3-bolt and not a 4-bolt plate where the neck connects to the body. Some Strat players believe that negatively affects the tone (it doesn't.)

Third, it's not 100% original, but for something so insignificant you wouldn't notice. The volume knob is a reproduction. If you just said, "So?", I had the same reaction. The fact it has one repro knob doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Fourth, it has a few chips here and there, all explained in the listing.

If I had the money for this, I'd buy it in a second because it's a bargain as far as a vintage Fender electric is concerned. That, and there are three other things I really dig about it.

It does come with the original hardshell case, and I actually prefer those over the tweed cases because it has a very '70s vibe to it.

Mocha is one of the best "woody" colors for Strats, and you don't see it often. Strats of the '70s that show wood grain are usually "Natural," and I just don't care for those because it makes the guitar look like a coffee table. Note that I'm not talking about Telecaster Butterscotch here. I'm talking about Natural finish such as the '75 "natural" Strat. That I don't like. (But by all means, if you like it, go ahead and get it. I'm not the boss of you.) Mocha, on the other hand, looks like a proper woody style finish for a Strat.

I also really like the fact this particular '76 is just 7 pounds. It's a lightweight. More often than not, '70s era Strats are boat-anchor heavy. Not this one. And that's a very good thing.

I'll add something else I dig about it too. The "bullet" truss rod cover. Yeah, I know, it's just a visual thing, but I always loved the look of it.

If you have the cash for it, grab it. Nice price, real-deal vintage, good guitar.

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