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Weird Al "Tacky" review

I've been a Weird Al listener for a long time, and something a lot of people don't take into consideration is just how damned good of a musician he is.

Above is Tacky from Al's latest album "Mandatory Fun". I had absolutely no idea what song it was parodying, so I had to look that up (it was Pharrell Williams' Happy.)

I listened to Tacky first, then Happy afterward. Al's parody rendition is the better song. It's better mixed and the vocals are much better defined. In fact, it's a perfect mix.

Al continues to outdo himself for each album he releases. At this point he's become so good at it that the parodies he makes are often better than the real songs, such as Tacky is.

When I listen to Tacky, I don't think "funny parody song," but rather just a really good piece of music that really stands on its own. You don't get much more sonic perfection these days than a Weird Al album. And no, I'm not making a joke there. The music he produces has an amazing sonic quality to it.

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