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Why are all coffee makers dark?


Coffee makers are not supposed to all look like Darth Vader.

I recently had to shop for a replacement coffee maker, and noticed something. The overwhelming majority of them are dark gray or piano black.

You might be thinking, "Well, that's because only the dark colored ones are sold online."

I thought that too, so I checked not one but multiple department stores and larger grocery stores that sell coffee makers. Same thing. Dark, dark and more dark.

Go to any store where coffee makers are sold and that's what you see. Maybe you'll see one white model and maybe one crappy red one trying to look "cool". Aside from that, all you get is plastic made to look like fake brushed steel and piano black. Only online do you see a small (and I mean small) amount of offerings in lighter colors.

I'd be happy to see some not-dark plastic colors, such as light blue or maybe canary yellow or even a light green. But no, your mornings are going to be treated by staring at a dark coffee maker...

...which is not the kind of thing you want to be staring at the first thing in the morning. "Bright and cheery" it is not.

Why is this a thing? Do people prefer dark, depressing colors in the morning? I certainly don't.

We obviously do have the technology to have literally any color we want from modern plastics. The problem is that nobody got the memo that a coffee maker is not supposed to look like a harbinger of doom and despair.

Published 2023 Jul 25

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