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Why me.. part 3

The big guns have been broken out concerning the ever-absent "Submit" button. For those not up to speed, read part 1 and part 2.

I got an e-mail from the (take a big breath) "Vice President of Internet Operations" concerning the a.w.o.l. submit button.

Here's the e-mail. What he said is on the bottom. My reply is on the top.

I appreciate your honesty, it does not go unnoticed.

However, AND DON'T SKIM THROUGH THIS. READ IT. Sorry to be so blunt but
I want to make damn sure you read all this.

I am going to state to you now a few things just to get this in the open:

1) I'm not one of those stupid end users who doesn't know how to use a
computer. I deal with those people every single day where I work.

2) I have absolutely zero spyware, zero pop-up blockers, zero browser
"enhancements" (Google Toolbar, Yahoo! Toolbar, etc), and I run
anti-virus manually. There are no resident programs (like Norton or
McAfee) which would in any way interfere with my browsing. My computer
is routinely scanned with Spybot Search & Destroy, and LavaSoft Ad-Aware.

3) My browsers are 100% stock. My Microsoft Internet Explorer is version
6.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519 (the latest version) - which I
only keep on my Windows XP Pro system because Windows requires it. My
browser of choice is Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3 which is what I currently use.

4) I have tested the b2b section of the web site with MSIE. With IE, I
purposely turned OFF the built-in pop-up blocker and set the security to
"low" - it didn't help.

5) I have tested the b2b section of the web site with Mozilla Firefox
1.0.3. Again, I turned off the built-in pop-up blocker and set it to
allow everything just to see if I could find that SUBMIT button. No luck
at all.

6) Before testing, I dumped the cache and cookies for both browsers.
This didn't help.

7) I just rebuilt one of my file server boxes on my home network with
Windows XP Pro with the latest Service Pack. 100% STOCK. Nothing is on
the box except what comes with Windows. The button STILL DOESN'T EXIST
when I try to get to it in the b2b section.

So in the end, it's this:

There is something wrong with the b2b section. I have proven this time
and time again.

If I have to, I will PERSONALLY set up a VNC (or NetMeeting, your
choice) session so you can SEE FOR YOURSELF what happens.

CustomerService@[removed].com wrote:

>> First, let me apologize with the frustration you are experiencing. I
>> will do my best to resolve your problems. From what you have given
>> us, your problem is sytematic of some type of blocking/filtering
>> software. The "Submit" button is directly after the category. Now I
>> know you are not seeing it, in the past, where other customers have
>> complained of this issue it has always been one of the following:
>> Antivirus type software Family Friendly Filtering Software Ad
>> Blockers Firewalls
>> These products have the ability to block any and all portions of a
>> webpage. Since our web pages deal primarily with ads, we often
>> trigger ad pop up blockers. If you have any of this type of
>> software, simply add and to you
>> software's safe list sometimes also called a white list.
>> Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to
>> contact me directly.
>> Sincerely, [removed] Vice President of Internet Operations

It just gets better and better and better. It'll be interesting to see what excuse they'll try this time.

If I get one more lame attempt to point the problem at anyone but themselves, I'm just going to take my refund and be on my way.

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