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Revstar with dual P-90 pickups is cool

Yamaha Revstar RS502T Bowden Green

This is a lesser-known guitar to begin with, and this particular model with the dual P-90 pickups is even more rare.

The Yamaha Revstar has been around since 2015, so at the time I write this in late 2018, it hasn't even been around for 4 years yet.

Yamaha has tried different things with this model that included different colors and so on, but this one in particular, model RS502T in Bowden Green, is the best I've seen yet. This is also available in a very tuxedo-looking piano black finish.

Compared to other Revstar models, this one has a white guard, creme cover P90 pickups and a covered tailpiece. The pickups are a big deal because it gives the guitar a much more twangy and trebly sound. The creme color guard, pickup covers and addition of the tail piece cover really add a touch of class to the instrument.

It's not that the Revstar wasn't classy before, but these small changes really make the guitar a fantastic looker. What Yamaha achieved with this is retro-yet-not-retro, which is not an easy thing to accomplish. This guitar is totally modern yet has 1950s style touches to it while at the same time not ripping off anybody.

When I say Yamaha has tried different things with the Revstar, I wasn't kidding. There's even a "denim" finish version with toaster style pickups in it and a Bigsby system attached. That's the RS720B model.

I believe however that Yamaha got it right with the RS502T. It's a more reserved design that's elegant and brings home the tone with the dual P-90 pickups.

It's good this guitar exists. It's not just another copy of some other more established famous guitar design. This is a modern Yamaha electric guitar that's not trying to be anything else but a Yamaha, and it's doing a darned good job at it.

I do hope Yamaha sells a ton of these, because the sound that comes out of a pair of P-90 pickups is incredible when in a well-made guitar. And this guitar is well-made.

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