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Ye Olde '86 Camaro

Some of my friends have been asking for a long time for me to get a pic up of the old Camaro I used to own. Well, here it is. Decided to go artsy and take a photo of a photo (haHA!)

I had this car for five years. It had a 5-speed stick and a slow 173ci MPFI 2.8 V6, rated at 140 horsepower. Of course, my Camaro had well over 150,000 miles on it so it was probably around 125 horse at best.

All my friends absolutely loved this car. Girls I dated positively drooled over it. Originally the car was white. I had it repainted to 1999 Pontiac Manta Green (color is available by looking it up in any NAPA paint chip book, just go to a NAPA and ask).

Even friends of mine who positively hated Chevy's liked mine because it was done right.

The car was 100% bone stock with no options and no mods whatsoever, but clean as a whistle. Interior was near mint and 100% black - the blackest interior you've ever seen. It had the original Delco 15-watt CD player which worked wonderfully.

Why did I get rid of it? I hardly ever drove it. It's not that I couldn't drive it (it was very driveable), it's just that I couldn't do anything with it other than cruise. Even with a car as cool looking as mine was, the engine just didn't do it justice.. that and it had a crapload of miles on it.

I eBay'd the car for $1000 which is what it was worth. I don't really miss the car, but all my friends do. 😉

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