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This ZF Telecaster is as crazy as it looks

Fender Custom Shop Music Zoo Exclusive ZF Telecaster NOS Butterscotch Blonde

Some high-dollar fancy dan stuff here.

Firstly, I'll get this out of the way right up front. This thing is not cheap. But at the same time you're getting something really special.

Secondly, if you like the idea of this guitar but want something without Fender Custom Shop pricing, consider the Charvel San Dimas Style 2 FR, where you get 22 frets instead of 21...

...and that's where I'll start with this Fender.

Yes, they put a Floyd-Rose system on guitar with a mid-60s profile "C" neck (with 12" fingerboard radius) that has just 21 frets. However, you do get a quartersawn neck for added stability, a very nice feature.

Bear in mind I prefer 21-fret necks, but on a guitar with a Floyd-Rose on it? Definitely different.

I actually really like the overall look of this Telecaster. Obviously very modern, but is built to be a player's guitar first, and I like that. It's really nice this guitar isn't "loud" in appearance.

The pickups loaded into this Fender are ones I'd actually choose myself. Seymour Duncan SH1 '59 for the neck side, Texas Special for the bridge side (which can be had as its own set).

And yes, the neck side humbucker does have coil tap thanks to an included S-1 switch.

You do have to part with a big wad of cash to get this guitar, but again, it is special and it's built as a player's guitar.

I'll also remind again that the Charvel alternative exists, and I'm going to end this with a few words about that guitar.

That Charvel does have a rear belly cut, does have 22 frets, is USA built, the Floyd-Rose system is "Original" (the best version of it that can handle the most abuse), and its neck is "faster" than the Fender with a 12"-16" compound radius.

Is the Charvel as special as the Fender? No. If you want special, you want the Fender. But if you want a modernist Telecaster shape guitar that plays like greased lightning, then the Charvel is the better option.

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