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Zoom R8 book finished and available now

Zoom R8

The manual has arrived.

After a brief delay, The Better Zoom R8 Manual is done. Obviously, it's meant for those who own a Zoom R8. You can get the book on Amazon in eBook (USA) or printed paperback version (USA).

In the UK? Get the UK eBook here or UK print version here.

In Canada? Get the Canada eBook here or Canada print version here.

In another country? Search Amazon for The Better Zoom R8 Manual and it should show up in the results easily.

I tried to make this manual as plain English as possible. It doesn't replace the original R8 manual, but you can consider it a really good supplement that actually explains how to do stuff without being so cryptic.

One thing I realized while writing this is that I may have to write another book completely dedicated to the effects section alone. I cover it in the book, but don't go into every single effect because that alone would have overtaken the rest of the content in there.

What I tried to do here was make a well-rounded book that covered how to get going with the R8 real quick. I went over how inputs work, how tracks work, how effects work, how bouncing works, how to undo, auto punch, explained the difference between how pre and post-effects work in the R8, and so on.

I was requested to write this, so yep, it's done. Check it out. Again, you can get it on Amazon in eBook or printed paperback version.

[UPDATE] There is now also the 2nd book How to custom create your own guitar patches on the Zoom R8, so be sure to check that one out too.

[UPDATE 2] The printed version of The Better Zoom R8 Manual now includes the full text of How to custom create your own guitar patches on the Zoom R8.

Published 2015 Apr 6

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