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even more this'n' that

This is a long-ass post so I'm posting this as an "extended" entry.

I really should start using better article titles. 😉


Pop is staying in the hospital overnight. The doctor who checked him out is going to bypass some kind of vein or artery or whatever that will increase blood flow to the foot. The doc explained to me what he was doing over the phone but I'm not a medical expert by any means, so I had no frickin' clue what he was talking about. All I know is that most likely the left foot can stay rather than go. Further bulletins as events warrant.

I told Pop on the phone to ask a hot girl nurse to give him a Swedish massage.


I am once again being known as a guitar shredder in certain circles 'round the internet. As such, two of my guitar tunes will be appearing in internet-only things.

One will possibly be Brentumentary II. I got good kudos on the "Wing Zero" version of Space Camp (both on forums and IRC). That one is a "maybe", because it's up in the air whether or not B-II will come to fruition or not. However, Brent himself wants the track on B-II. What can I say.. I hope it ends up on the next Brentumentary. 🙂 It's been said Jeff will do the filming, so I have confidence that it will actually happen.

The second is going to be a podcast thing. Nothing earth-shattering, but hey, it's all good. I may post a link once the podcast it up. No, it's not a podcast by me, it's someone else that wanted a rock/metal intro for it.


Aaaaand according to weather forecasts I've been reading, the majority of southern New England (where I used to live) has been getting dumped with enough rain to fill the Hoover Dam and thensome.

I was speaking with Pop whether I'd ever return to New England again, as in to live there. Most likely the answer would be yes, but with conditions.

What are the conditions? I knew you'd ask. 🙂

There's basically only one condition. I wouldn't live there year round. At most, I'd stay there only two to three months out of the year. September to November most likely. I would get to experience the awesome foliage then duck out right before the snow hits.

The way I'd do this wouldn't be all that difficult. I'd just have to acquire a plot of land, plop down a modular house, outfit it with the essntials and that's more or less it. Then I'd have me a neat little getaway.

As far where in New England I'd be, I don't know. It would be on the southern end somewhere in either CT, MA or RI. The determining factor would be price.

At present, a decent sized lot (three acres or more) in Dayville CT can be had for around $100,000 right now. In Cranston RI, about a quarter million. In Leicester MA, the price is somewhere between CT and RI.

Before any of this New England stuff happens I plan on having a house paid for in full in Florida first. To anyone that would say "Pff.. never happen!", bear the following in mind:

A small lot, such as a .5 acre, can be had at present for $25,000 - even in populated areas. That's less than the price of many new cars.

Most houses sit on concrete slabs in Florda because it's a subtropical region (there are also difficulties with true-blue foundations because of the land composition). You save quite a few bucks by having a slab instead of a foundation, and since it's common in FL, it doesn't decrease your home's value.

Modular homes can be bought for extremely reasonable prices. It's not a trailer (a.k.a. "manufactured home") and there are very specific differences between modulars and trailers that make a modular an actual house, such as concrete block base walls, concrete slabs (as mentioned above) and higher pitched roofs.

At the end of everything, it's very feasible to be at or under the 100k mark if you shop smart. It isn't possible to do this in Connecticut but it is possible in Florida.

Would it be less expensive to buy instead of build? Not really. According to my research, you'd spend an extra 25k on average in these parts.

$100,000 in today's world is the price of four SUV's. When you think of it in those terms, the big "100" figure seems a lot smaller. In addition, a house will give back to you in the form of equity, whereas SUV's wouldn't.

Barring any accidental or natural disasters, burglary, theft, losing your job, personal injury and whatever else you could think of, 100k could be paid off in a fairly quick amount of time assuming you're good with paying bills.

I'm very agressive with my bills. 🙂 Some people are of the opinion to keep trailing payments. I don't do that at all. In my experience, agressive bill paying equals better credit.

So, who knows.. maybe before age thirty-five I may have a house paid for in full, and then I can concentrate on making my little retreat in New England. Maybe not. I have no idea. Not knowing is half the adventure I suppose. The other half is daring to take your dreams to the next level by making them real - or at least giving it your best shot. (grin)

Time will tell.

more this'n'that

Pop will be going in the hospital tomorrow for yet more hospital crap. Whether he'll be staying a night there or not I have no idea. I'm at his place right now and will be driving him to the hospital @ 6am.


Florida myth debunked:

Contrary to popular belief, Florida does not have bugs "the size of golf balls". Not anywhere from Inverness to Tampa anyway.


Your tax dollars at work:

Tampa Bay Interstates. Very informative web site. It's cool because they tell you everything about what's going on with the highways. Start dates, estimated completion dates and everything inbetween. Heck, they even tell you how much it costs. Not bad a'tall. I like it.

Granted, other states have web sites like this also, but MyTBI is far easier to use. You can get to the info you need to get to quickly. Big plus.


Still waiting on the news I aforementioned. Stay tuned. 🙂


Can't forget our Sunday blogging now, can we? (grin)


My sister is entertaining the idea of opening up a web site for her new biz. She's into the veterenary thing so she'll be offering services of that nature. Being very close to Boston she should do quite well. Best of luck to her in that endeavor.


Pop is going to need a lawn tractor for mowing duties. Seems that his lawn sprouts up very fast, so a riding mower is definitely in order. I'll be heading up north next week to check a few out. Hopefully they won't cost too much.

Back in Connecticut I would routinely mow the lawn with the riding tractor we had there. Before that tractor, I never mowed the lawn. Ever. Too much work. Does that make me lazy? Probably. But anyway, after getting the tractor, I mowed the lawn once every two weeks almost religiously, and actually enjoyed doing it. I even did some groundskeeping with seeding the lawn and such. Here in FL I will most likely do the same at Pop's place. Doesn't bother me as long as I have the tractor. 🙂


This coming week promises some good things to happen which I'll be posting about soon enough, so stay tuned for that.

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