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test post for wordpress 2.5

This is a test post just to see if my upgrade worked for WordPress 2.5.. if this shows up it worked. Hurrah. 🙂

-- edit --

Okay, yes it worked. And I seriously, SERIOUSLY like WP 2.5. The auto-update of plugins via FTP alone kicks ass in all the right places. Very, very cool. I likes it. Upgrading was totally painless.

And Windows Live Writer can still post to it without any issue at all.

Rock on. 🙂

one would think i would have watched it by now?

sorry, optimus..

I borrowed a few movies from my neighbor, that being Transformers, Jurassic Park (all 3 of them) and Tango & Cash. Sadly, I've only managed to watch one of them (the first Jurassic Park). What surprises me is that I haven't bothered watching Transformers yet. I mean, sheesh.. it's supposed to be a wicked cool awesome movie with robots and crap but I'm like "Eh.. whenever I get to it". Stranger things have happened I suppose.

banking crapola

Annoyance of the moment:

Wanting to do your online banking and pay some bills and your stupid bank's web site states:

Online Banking is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later.

Second annoyance of the moment:

Waiting a few hours, trying again and getting the same message.


I don't know about you but you have to be in the mood to do bill-pay if you know what I mean, because like.. y'know.. you don't want to but have to.


(some are) abandoning youtube

A truth about YouTube: Anyone you really like on that system will inevitably bolt (as in leave) in less than six months. Some "drama" will occur and they'll go elsewhere in search of greener pastures. It always happens.

There was a channel I was following and the last video was a 31-second short that basically said "I'm going to Ust

ream, see you there".

That was a month ago and he hasn't posted a video since on his channel.

I mean, heck.. I even had a conversation with my boss about ditching YouTube. Embedding videos from Ustream is easy enough, save for the fact they're not editable. He's entertaining the idea of using an alternative video-serving service anyway that would prove to be more profitable anyway since the profit you can get from YouTube basically doesn't exist.

I'll put it to you this way: The response from the live broadcast I do for work was darn near instantaneous compared to pre-recorded material, AND the live community actually gives back, meaning they contribute material and engage the main web site. Considering the live broadcast has been up for only a month that's nothing short of incredible; it took far longer to get that kind of response from YouTube.

I am fast realizing that engaging the audience provokes a response much faster - with actual good content.

Set your wife on fire

The title of this bloggo is the subject line of a spam I received.

I'm not kidding.



Due to the online live show I've been hosting, someone actually called me a "webrity", which I assume means "internet celebrity".

I've never thought of myself as famous, but someone thinks so.

I could be called worse things I suppose.


Yesterday eve I arrived @ Pop's and I'm still here where I'm writing this post from now. Right after "hello" I apologized to him.

I apologized for every time I've snapped in needless anger, been pig-headed, selfish, arrogant and an outright sumbitch.

He was a bit confused why I was apologizing because I hadn't done anything.

I did so because I was reminded from a phone conversation just hours before that there are times when I am an arrogant sumbitch. 30 years of New England living will do that to you, but the Sunshine State is slowly but surely weaning that out of me.

You never stop learning no matter how old you get, that's for sure.

I am on an ongoing endeavor to be less sumbitchy.

Age 33, Day 1

My hair didn't fall out, I still get morning wood and I can still bust out machine-gun ripper loud farts (and belches).

Life is good.

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