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letting the ads flow

I'm one of those types who hates internet advertising so much that I actually have a custom HOSTS file (this one) that blocks the vast majority of ads out there.

However it's becoming increasingly apparent that certain web sites run like ass when you block the ads. Some scripting on the web site side gets broken, certain links don't work, etc.

I'm going to try something which is the complete opposite of what I normally do with my web stuff.

  1. I'm going to clear the HOSTS file. I can always get it back anyway, so no big deal.
  2. I'm going to allow all the cookies.

This is going to be an interesting experience seeing what the internet is like with nothing blocked. It may be good or it may tick me off so much that I go right back to the way I had things before.

We'll see. 🙂


Yeah I switched back to Verdana for the primary display font here. So much for being different. 🙂 But better to have a font more people prefer viewing than promoting the squinty-eye.

In my research of font stuff, I did come across something interesting, that being the DejaVu font set. The reason why it's interesting is because it is the only font set I know of that looks exactly the same on Windows, Mac or Linux. There aren't too many "universal" font sets out there, but DejaVu is one of them. That and the Vera font set.

I don't use DejaVu or Vera here just because I'm used to the way Verdana on Windows looks, being I'm a Windows user and all.

Regardless, you might as well grab DejaVu and Vera because hey, free fonts are cool. 🙂

the wonder of a monospaced font

Recently I changed the theme of this blog (again) and decided to go with a monospaced font. A font like that typically looks like something you'd see on a typewriter.. assuming you're old enough to know what that even means (I do have some younger readers). 🙂

In the early days of internet circa the late 1990s, most email was nothing but plain text. This is because most email clients didn't support HTML, a.k.a. Rich Text (text you can resize, colorize, justify to the left or right and so on), so most of the time what you saw were messages in a monospaced font like Courier.

Most of the email I send and receive is done using a monospaced font. This is part of the reason I stick with Mozilla Thunderbird 2, because it's the only email client on the planet that does fonts correctly - especially plain text.

I like using a monospaced font here because:

  1. My bloggos now look like emails - and that's not a bad thing.
  2. It's easier on the eyes because for whatever reason you can follow the text along without as much eye strain (which shouldn't be true, yet it is).
  3. Nobody else uses a monospaced font on their blog, so there's some exclusivity to it. What can I say, I dare to be different. 🙂

Oh, and readership here almost immediately increased when I switched to this theme. Could the font have something to do with it? Maybe it did.

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